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Visme is an Internet-based subscription service (with some free features) that helps with the creation of presentations, slide shows, infographics, charts, and other content. Users of Visme can access 1000s of templates and customizable features (e.g., music, videos, widgets, etc.) and can publish their creations online and on various social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Many users publish their creations to the Visme site, making it possible for others to use or borrow their creations.

Currently, Visme enjoys relationships with educational institutions like Loma Linda University, Florida State University, the Culinary Institute of America, the University of Manchester, the University of South Dakota, and the University of Michigan Medical School.[1] About itself, Visme says that "We empower educators and students to create beautiful interactive presentations, infographics and reports to help them excel in their academic arena." Currently, educators can obtain access to Visme for an entire semester for only $25, a discounted price. There are also classroom (1 teacher, 29 student accounts) and school level paid subscription packages. Visme claims that it is "the only platform you need to [create] any type of visual content for use within the classroom."[2]

Although the paid subscription packages include more options and allow for access to more of Visme's functions, the free plan does include a number of useable contents. It can still be sued to created and publish stylish, sleek, and informative slideshow presentations, infographics, and other kinds of digital content for use in presentations or lesson plans. In fact, Visme does provide free access to a blog that provides tips and suggestions for creating educational content. With paid subscriptions, users have access to "over 300,000 high-quality photos, 750 templates and growing, over 6,500 icons in trending styles, and more than 120 fonts to choose from."[3]


Educators and teachers can use Visme to create content for their schools or classrooms. They can create asset libraries and share visual content with colleagues and/or students. For their part, students can create projects for their personal study use or to share with other students in their classes.[4]

Major features include the ability to build libraries of images, insert videos into presentations, upload or record audio to presentations and infographics, animate any object in projects, create links and hotspots, and share created content online or on social media platforms, as well as download created projects to any computer. Additionally, with just a few mouse clicks, users can easily make any object actionable. And templates can be mixed and matched to create individually tailored layouts.[5]

Reviews of Visme

Finances Online offers a side-by-side comparison of Visme and Zoho Wiki, suggesting that Visme surpasses Zoho Wiki by a score of 8.8 to 8.3.[6] But whereas Zoho Wiki reported client satisfaction 100% of the time, Visme reported client satisfaction only 96% of the time. Finances Online offers a complete review of Visme here.[7]

EdShelf terms Visme "a Swiss knife of visual content" in its review of the service found here.[8]

Mail Munch, in its series of articles on the 'State of Digital,' offers a largely positive review of Visme, but it does identify certain aspects of the service needing improvement, including: Searching icons, download functions, and flexibility. Reviewer Bas van den Beld claims that "What I noticed right away is that the tool is great, it has all the features you want, but it needs to ‘fit’ you. The good thing is that you can build a lot with hardly any knowledge because of the templates which are easily adjustable. But if it’s ‘just the image’ you want, it’s too big for you. It’s a shame to leave all the features if you are not using them. On the other hand, if you want to dive into things and not just use the simple stuff, it seems less flexible. This means it’s most fit for those ‘in the middle’. If you are doing quite a bit of designing, but aren’t the expert. This tool is perfect for you. Bloggers, solo-entrepreneurs. People doing presentations: really useful. But if you use it: go for the full subscription. If you use Visme, you want to use it to the full extent."[9]

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Visme compares to other online or internet-based presentation wizards like Google Slides[10], Prezi[11], SlideBloom[12], Zentation[13], and Zoho Show[14].


External Links

Visme can be found online here.[15]

Visme maintains a library of tutorial videos here.[16] And this 'Visme Visual Learning Center' hosts a blog that continually shares ideas and suggestions for making the most out of Visme in the classroom.[17]

Additionally, this YouTube video prepared by John Paul Shimek explains how to use Visme.[18]